Details of Instructional and Supervisory Staff for the Trade/Units, Which have already been granted affiliation by the DGE&T: (I.T.I, Ambala Cantt.)
Sr.No. Name of the Staff Member Designation
1. Sh. Pardeep Kumar Gupta Principal
2. Sh. Amar Parkash Goel Group Inst.
3. Sh. Dinesh Singh Group Inst.
4. Sh. Dalbir Singh Group Inst.
5. Sh. Ram Kumar Group Inst.
6. Smt. Surjeet Kaur Comp Instructor
7. Smt. Gurvindeer Kaur Elect. Mech. Instructor
8. Sh. Sunil Kumar E.D. Instructor
9. Smt. Kamlesh Kaur Elect. Mech Instructor
10. Smt. Poonam DMC Instructor
11. Smt. Aanchal Walia App. Instructor
12. Sh. Amarveer Singh Inst. Mech Instructor
13. Sh. Pawan Kumar S.S. Instructor
14. Sh. Mandeep Singh Welder Instructor
15. Sh. Dinesh Kamboj Welder Instructor
16. Sh. Yogesh Kumar S.H. Instructor
17. Sh. Dharambeer Fitter Instructor
18. Sh. Satwinder Wireman Instructor
19. Sh. Sandeep Kataria Electrician Instructor
20. Sh. Dharmbeer Fitter Instructor
21. Sh. Vipin Kumar Turner Instructor
22. Sh. Rajinder Kumar Mechinist Instructor
23. Sh. Ashok Kumar Mechinist Instructor
24. Sh. Ashok Kumar Wireman Instructor
25. Sh. Naresh Kumar Electrician Instructor
26. Smt. Aarti COPA Instructor
27. Sh. Parveen Kamboj COPA Instructor